It’s a family affair. view.wallpaper.jpg

The Night Kitchen is a family owned and operated pizzeria since 1999. We have undergone some transformations over the years. Change is good. Keeps us moving forward on our toes.

When we started the Night Kitchen in the hot summer of 1999 in a hole in the wall on a shoestring budget with some crazy ideas about pizza. We aimed to create pizza that was both delicious and could encompass local and exotic flavours and embrace quality. With tradition tossed to the wind we put toppings on pizza that were sacrilegious and some believed wrong! We stick to our ideals, we stay strong and fight on.  

be strong be wrong!






Mobile wood fired catering.

We will cater all manner of events from family gatherings, weddings, sporting events… We arrive an hour before the event is scheduled. Our dinning service is one and a half hours. We embrace a buffet style service allowing guests to sample a wide array of pizza pies. Our staff will continually replenish the buffet until everyone is totally satisfied. We are more than happy to work with you to create a menu that will be perfect for your unique event.


The Night Kitchen is a place for taste makers, rule breakers, and earth shakers. Every day, we conquer challenges by daring to work on the edge and think outside the box.

It was so good I wrote my first review. 22 minute delivery even at the start of the second period of a Leafs Saturday night!!!!

— Thomas Whittaker
Best pizza I’ve ever had by far. Amazing crust and wonderful vegetarian options!

— Caden Walcott
A hidden gem in ptbo. This original pizzeria is one of a kind and definitely worth a stop for their large selection of toppings, fresh dips and a killer thin crust. They also do vegan.

— Antonio Henderson
Love the new location! As a vegetarian it’s always great to have SO MANY options! Thank you Night Kitchen!

— Jennine Taylor