When the Night Kitchen first started, the idea was to have a fun neighborhood spot with  great atmosphere and tunes while serving amazing pizza, but also to create a pizzeria that others like myself would want to work in. The vision of working with a team of passionate like-minded people. I wanted and still want people who aspire to do things beyond the walls of the pizzeria. If we share our passions we can accomplish a lot. It’s always been as much about the people as the pizza.

I have learned over the years however that it takes more than passion to make a great restuarant it also takes communication skills, open-mindedness and goal orientation. These qualities combined with passion have been the key ingredients to our success at the Night Kitchen and if they are qualities that you value we probably have a place for you on our team. Whether you are looking for a low key short term position or a career opportunity I want the Night Kitchen to be a great place to help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.




Every day, we conquer challenges by daring to work on the edge and thinking outside the box.

  • take names and kick ass

  • stay calm when all hell is breaking loose around you

  • show up and work hard

Delivery Driver

you will be driving your own vehicle and receive an hourly rate and including delivery fees and tips, drivers at the nk do well!


  • wicked, beautiful and/or smart?

  • own your own vehicle and willing to rip around and deliver pie?

  • willing to endure the corrupting nature of a pizzeria?

  • witness the fitness?


you will be a server at my bidding


  • funny, serious or both

  • experinced in dealing with morons

  • willing to make a bunch of money

  • awesome fun


Name *
Are you willing to work varied and flexible hours? Do you have current or future obligations that affect your ability to work (other commitments, another job, school, sports, vacations, musician)?